12 Month's Holiday Park With An 15 Acre Private Fishing
12 Month's Holiday Park With An 15 Acre Private Fishing


Our fishing lake is stocked with catfish and a mixture of other species including: tench, roach, bream, perch, eels, Carp and Pike. 

  • Catfish range from 10lb to 110lb
  • Carp range from 5lb to 40lb – Very hard lake to fish for carp.
  • Record Perch is 6.6lb
  • Bream record is 14.7lb
  • Tench recorded weight is 9.7lb
  • Pike
  • Eels


  • Fisherman must report to office on arrival
  • A maximum of 3 fishing rods per person
  • No rods to be left unattended at any time
  • No Leadcore is to be used
  • No double or treble hooks – Maximum size hooks 2/0 (No larger than Eagle Wave 2/0). Barbless hooks only. No wire traces.
  • End tackle that allows the fish to free itself is compulsory, no fixed lead, tether or bent hook rigs allowed
  • All main line must be minimum breaking strain of Mono 25lb, Braid 50lb (if fishing for carp/catfish)
  • Minimum of 2.5lb test curve rods (if fishing for carp/catfish)
  • Rig tubing to be used at all times, this reduces the risk of line damage to fish. Rig tubing must be at least 3’0″ long to ensure no scale or fin damage occurs when playing the fish
  • Dead baits allowed, but only that purchased on site.
  • Live baits allowed but MUST BE CAUGHT FROM LAKE
  • Minimum size landing nets 42” recommendation of 60/72”
  • No Nuts or Pulse of any description allowed
  • The use of remote controlled bait boats is allowed
  • The sacking or retaining of fish is not allowed in any circumstances
  • Under no circumstance must anglers damage bank side or any foliage by cutting trees, reeds or shrubbery
  • No fish to be taken away from lake at anytime
  • Valid rod license to be held and available for inspection
  • All anglers are expected to behave in an orderly conduct, and have consideration for the other anglers around them
  • Loud or Drunken behavior will not be tolerated
  • Large unhooking mat cradle adequate to protect the fish.
  • All fish to be returned promptly and safely.
  • No tree climbing or cutting of trees.
  • No open fires.
  • No coal barbeques, Gas only.
  • Please take all litter (especially hooks and line) in the bins provided.
  • Please keep the toilets & showers clean and tidy for the benefit of all to use.
  • Anglers please at ALL times respect each others choice of fishing styles and quarry and enjoyment of the facilities available.
  • Do NOT leave rods unattended (maximum 3 rods).
  • Cars can park on next to swims.

We do have a tackle shop on site

Night fishing

Night fishing is strictly by authorisation only. If unauthorised you will be asked to leave. Please do not arrive expecting to night fish otherwise. There is NO SPECIFIC PEG BOOKING at this time.

EACH 24hr PERIOD RUNS 11am – 11am. You  are expected to have vacated your peg by 11am in time for next Anglers.

Ticket Prices:

  • 3 rods max – £25.00 per 24 hr session each.
  • Day Ticket (upto 2 rods) – £10.00

Booking via Email: Gareth@greengrasspark.info